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Every Part of Your Story Matters

Ten years ago, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would tell you that I wanted to be a hybrid between a young Cameron Crowe and a music marketing specialist. The idea of writing for Rolling Stone Magazine (favorite movie still is Almost Famous) was my ultimate dream. My love for live concerts came about from a young age, a trait I inherited from my parents, and was a consistent staple in my world. So much so, I found myself always enjoying the experience of paying an absurd amount of money for bottled water at music festivals and the casual task of avoiding getting kicked in the face by crowd surfing fans. Music was still the focal point of connection in my life and my primary identifier.

Mac Miller Set list 2011

Teenage Hannah’s bedroom

Over the next four years, throughout the hardships of high school, music would continue being the primary way that I expressed my individuality. It was the means that strengthened my spirit and how I made sense of my reality. There was never a moment where I wouldn't have a song in my head acting as the soundtrack to my mood. My bedroom wall would be covered with Alternative Press magazine clippings, Blink 182 paraphernalia, warped tour tickets, and set-lists of shows that I probably wrestled another chick in the crowd for. To sum things up, I was in a committed relationship with my taste in music, and nothing could change that, or so I believed. As I continued to grow into myself, especially during my college years, I found that with time, my taste in music was not the most redeeming part about me. The fact that I existed, that I would wake up every morning, meant that my life had meaning period. In Jewish practice, when we wake up, we thank G-d for returning our soul to our body and giving us another day to fulfill our purpose.

Teenage Hannah's Bedroom

I grew up reciting this prayer without consciously knowing the effect it had on me. When I later learned the depth of this morning meditation, the sheer amount of gratitude that it evoked within me, I found a new parallel between Music and Judaism. I used music to try and attach a deeper meaning to the "mundane"; Judaism, even starting from the moment you wake up, tells you that nothing is trivial. Every second of every day is being willed into existence by THE Infinite Source of all being. If the latter is true, it means that even the parts of myself that sometimes are hard to box into the Orthodox Jewish World, belong in my story, that they have meaning . I wanted to celebrate that part of myself, by sharing my old blog, Snit Happens. It was home to my music pursuits and creativity for three years. May we continue to embark on new journeys and give attention to new passions and encourage the changes that exist within ourselves. Life is a process, with many stages of discovery- love each version of yourself and you will find peace of mind and self.

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