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Snit Happens | Artist to Watch: Dorian Dreyfuss

I knew I liked Dorian when she told me one of her main inspirations is Frida Kahlo. I too, adore that woman. After sending her a pic, she made the gem below. Literally, I haven’t been this excited since Nutella. She is EXTREMELY talented and you don’t need my words to prove it. Inspired by artists such as our girl, Richard Prince ( seriously immerse yourself in his art, it’s dope), and illustrators such as Laura Callaghan (may or may not have bought some of her work just saying), Dreyfuss possess an innate and special ability to transform one reality into another.

Dorian’s ability to create something that can stand on its own while simultaneously being able to be compared to its original inspiration is incredible. Alone, her drawings look like an innovation, a new way to interpret a person, place, or thing. But after seeing the pictures that drive such a depiction, it’s a no brainer that this artist is going to make immense waves.

The detail that goes into Dorian’s work does not go unnoticed. Her work has been displayed on prints, posters, calendars, notecards, coloring books, and t-shirts and I do plan to have a collection of them all soon. Beginning with sketching out the photos sent to her, Dreyfuss then goes over it in sharpie and well the rest, I’ll leave as her secret. Looking forward to seeing her art grow and continue setting a name for herself.

Like what you see, I mean, how couldn’t you. Be sure to follow my girl on every social media platform there is and learn from her. Be inspired, find your niche, and commit to it. You will touch the lives around you and add value to this beautiful place.

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