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Snit Happens | Artist to Watch: Emma Jayne

This post is long overdue, perhaps because I’ve been listening to this artist on repeat on Spotify since the day I met her. Nonetheless, it’s never too late to document your love for someone’s addition to life. Meet my friend Emma Jayne, a singer-songwriter hailing from Chicago and currently residing in Boston. Her sound, at least to me, is a mosaic of all things good in this world; pop, indie, soul, and lots of heart.

Emma, with a background in classical/jazz piano, realized that while playing other people’s music was enjoyable, she found that writing her own music gave her a stronger sense of satisfaction.

This songwriter started writing songs her freshman year of high school after she received a ukulele as an 8th-grade graduation gift. Middle school sucked for me; all I got were a bunch of memories being made fun of, lucky you Emma!

Ever since then, she has been writing her music on ukulele and piano, mainly for therapeutic purposes but also as a way to better articulate her thoughts and experiences.

“Whenever I am having trouble sorting through a difficult time or emotion, I take to the keyboard and hash out everything I am feeling. I am lucky that people can relate to and enjoy these songs…it truly has blossomed into something incredible that I never imagined.”

Emma now has two EP’s, a full-length live album, and several singles on iTunes and Spotify, have sold out shows as well as an upcoming show in Chicago, and is currently signing off on finishing touches on her first full-length album,” Jetlag”. The album is set to be released early September. When speaking about the music on the album, Emma explains that she “had the privilege of working with some incredible artists and producers in Nashville to put together the record.”

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